Sokar hacking challenge

Written on February 8, 2015

To commemorate their second birthday, VulnHub is holding another competition with the promise of prizes for those who are chosen as winners! The challenge is Sokar; a nefarious boot2root created by rasta_mouse which features a nice balance of frustration and satisfaction. For more details about the competition, head over to VulnHub’s blog post. I spent a couple of hours each evening after work to poke away at Sokar until I finally solved it. This post contains my walkthrough.

Solving Sokar took a bit of work, and writing it all up is rather tiresome. Therefore I’ve decided to share my solution using a different medium, which I hope you enjoy:

Sokar was a lot of fun. If you complete it, don’t forget to submit a writeup for a chance to win prizes! VulnHub has offered fantastic prizes in the past which include gift cards, t-shirts, and challenge coins. Don’t miss out on it!