Level Up!

Written on December 14, 2009

I successfully completed the GIAC GSEC certification. Work paid for the OnDemand course and the exam. The exam is open book. I didn’t bring any of the books SANS provided, they were too many and too heavy. Instead I compiled my own set of notes which I found to be sufficient for the sample exams and the actual exam.

The exam was of moderate difficulty. If you’ve studied the material and have good notes you’ll do fine. On my way to the exam I actually slipped on ice and ended up writing the exam with a fractured arm. Scored a 93%, not too shabby I think.

I’m thinking of trying out the Gold certification, seems like it might be fun. For now I’ll let the arm recover. There’re a couple of video games I’ve been waiting to get back to and a couple of projects that I put aside when I was focusing on my studies. Time to get back to them.