Open, Simsim!

Written on October 13, 2009

There’ve been a few times where I’ve found myself in need of a default username/password for a wireless router that has been factory reset, or was just improperly configured. Going through manufacturer websites searching for the manuals and the information can be a pain.

Fortunately there are already a few resources online that provide lists of default credentials for various devices. So why not just use that? Well, having a local copy is nice because sometimes I may not have Internet access, or I may want to format the results in a different way so I can pipe it into another program.

That’s where opensesame comes in. It’s a python script that queries a sqlite3 database containing the default credentials for certain devices. This database was created using the publicly available default password list at

opensesame will search the database looking for parameters specifed by the user such as vendor, model or both and displays the results. For example, searching for the default credentials for a Linksys WRT54G router yields several results, one of which is:

Vendor: linksys
Model: wrt54g
Access Type: Multi
Username: admin
Password: admin
Privileges: Admin
Notes: Router / VoIP Gateway (@

The included README file contains more examples and information.

Download OpenSesame 0.1

MD5 : 3f72ce1196510a71794600fe7504ab4a

SHA-1 : 8230c06127879e20deca8bbaeed025bf3ada4bf7

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